• Product Review: Yurbuds Signature Series-LaMichael James Edition

    It seems like there are tons of earphones out there fighting for your money. Cheap, expensive, designed for the athlete, designed for the slacker, etc, etc. Well, I have had the honor of reviewing the Yurbuds brand of earphones and I can say that I was very impressed with this brand of earphones. Designed for the more active of people, the earphones deliver and in a big way.

    What first caught my attention was the fit of the ear buds in my ear. Yurbuds employ a twist to fit ear bud where you insert the ear bud into your ear, opening side facing down and twist the ear bud clockwise a quarter of a turn and it's set in your ear for the most part. I found that I could get a very tight fit by twisting the ear bud a bit further, which almost made the Yurbuds almost noise cancelling but not completely. I discovered this on a recent trip to my mother-in-laws for the holiday. The Yurbuds fit was so good, it helped block out the ancillary noise around me (mother-in-law), that I kept them in almost the whole day.

    I found that the sound reproduction quality was more than adequate. Trebles were perfect and the bass notes were deep and resounding. I have a tendency to crank my music a bit more than I should but the quality of the Yurbuds is sound (no pun intended) so that you wont need to crank the music up to eleven. I also enjoyed the ability to work out and get sweaty and not have the grip of the ear buds loosen in my ears. A major plus in my book.

    I also found that the cord was strong, being made of braided fabric. I first thought them to be flimsy and not bound to last but I found them more than reliable and robust. My Australian Cattle Dog, Zee, in a bout of roughhousing with me, caught the cord in her back paw, ripping the ear bud jack out of the phone and the buds out of my ear. She's a pretty active and strong dog and I thought, " Oh well, the ear buds are toast..!" That was not the case as the ear buds worked just fine and no damage was found to be done to the cord. I can say that these ear buds are sturdy, although they don't feel like they are.

    As for the shortcomings, I found the Yurbuds price to be a tad bit steep with a price tag of $59.99. The Yurbuds I tested were the LaMichael James Signature series earphones. If we're being real here, the price could be made at $39.99 but you're paying for a celebrity endorsement with these.

    Another small nit to pick about the earphones was that the rubber bud covers for the ears tend to get dirty quickly. They pick up lint and dust when in your pocket, making them not as eye appealing as they once were. Also, they do pick up a bit of ear wax as they are worn and worked out in. These are both remedied by removing the bud covers and running under tap water and a bit of hand soap. Not a lot of maintenance time is needed to keep them clean. Its just one of my foibles.


    Well Fitted to your ears
    Fantastic sound reproduction


    Tendency to get dirty easily

    Overall, I would recommend these ear buds for a friend or a family member. Especially if they were an exercise or fitness fan. The Yurbuds Signature Series - LaMichael James edition will be the best solution for their workouts and activities.

    The Yurbuds Signature Series-LaMichael James edition can be purchased here, on Verizon's website and also in select stores.

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