• Product Review: Skinomi Tech Skin For The BlackBerry PlayBook

    I know that in the past months the BlackBerry PlayBook has been thought of as the black sheep of the family and now the orphan, but it still is a viable part of my daily routine. When using it daily, Iíve come to realize that the cases Iíve bought for the PlayBook, seem to get into the way when I use them. So I thought Iíd try a skin to protect my PlayBook and see how it went. I tested out the Skinomi Tech Skin BlackBerry Playbook Skin Protector and I have to say Iím very impressed with the design and feel of the Tech Skin by Skinomi.

    The Skinomi Tech Skin for the Playbook is a wet type application skin. Meaning you spray a soap like solution onto the back skin and apply the skin to the PlayBook, then use the provided squeegee to work out the excess solution and air bubbles. You can then use a hair dryer on the low heat setting to expedite the drying time and help get the little micro air bubbles out. I found that the little micro bubbles are almost impossible to get out by hand but they do work themselves out over a few days. The front screen protector is applied in the same manner.

    The skin material itself is very heavy duty. The Tech Skin is made from the same film material used to protect luxury cars, military aircrafts, and NASA space shuttles. It doesnít feel sticky, repels spills, protects from scratches and dents. It makes holding onto the PlayBook a dream. Another good thing about the Skinomi Tech Skin is that it has ďself healingĒ technology. That means that scratches to not stay on the skin and the skin heals itself.I am very impressed that the screen protector part of the skin is smooth, tactile and provides excellent protection to the screen. Iíve never had a problem with the skin.

    I found that applying the skin itself is a bit tricky around the edges of the PlayBook, but then again, Iíve got ham hands and my spatial abilities are below normal. I did wind up with a couple of spots where I didnít get the skin exactly right. But like I just stated, Iím an oaf so donít let it throw you on how good the Tech Skin is for the PlayBook really is. Overall, I would very much recommend the Tech Skin by Skinomi for the BlackBerry PlayBook if youíre looking for a skin to protect your device.

    The Skinomi Tech Skin for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be purchased here for $24.95 and it comes with free shipping in the United States.

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