• Product Review: Skinomi Full Body Skin Protector For The BlackBerry Z10

    If you’re like me, you prefer a full case to protect your Z10. I’ve never been a big fan of skin protectors for my mobile devices but I thought I would give the Skinomi brand of skins a try and maybe they would change my mind about using a skin for overall protection for my BlackBerry Z10.

    I tested out the Skinomi Full Body Clear Skin protector for the BlackBerry Z10. The skin is made from quality 3M “Tech Skin” urethane film and it is very strong. The skin itself is applied using a “wet” application technique, meaning a solution is sprayed onto the back of the skin you are applying and pushing the excess solution out. It created a few micro bubbles under the skin when applied but they quickly evaporated after three days.

    Applying the skin to the back battery cover is the easiest step of the process. The skin itself does a good job encasing the back of the device. The problem lies in the side pieces of the skin. The skin doesn’t cover the top or bottom edges of the sides of the BlackBerry Z10 so you take a chance with having little protection if you drop your BlackBerry and it lands on the edge.

    Another downside of the Skinomi Full Body skin protector was that the cut of the side strip that goes around the volume rockers is extremely thin. The film, as I mentioned before is very strong, but it is cut very thin and is very difficult to keep straight. I also found that the side pieces didn’t fit together properly. The bottom skin border piece, I noticed overlapped the side strip that surrounds the charging and micro-HDMI ports.

    Overall, I was disappointed in the way the Skinomi is pieced together. I had hoped the skin would have covered more of the edge but it just covered the sides and not the edges. The thin cut of the side strips was also a downside. On the bright side, I did like the toughness and durability of the skin and once it was on, it stayed on. The quality of the “tech skin” kept smudges and streaks to a minimum. And when the skin did get messy, it was cleaned up with just a wipe or two. And if you put your phone in your pocket with your keys, your keys won’t dig into the skin tearing it. The skin “self seals” digs and divots that happen to it.

    The Skinomi Full Body Clear Skin Protector retails for $19.95 and can be ordered here. There are also different types of skins available such as carbon fiber textured, wood and brushed metal skins to choose from.

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