• Product Review: Roots Tuff Skin 2 Case For BlackBerry Z10

    We've taken a few weeks off in our search for the perfect case for the BlackBerry Z10. In honor of the start of this new year, today we'll take a few moments to look at the Roots Tuff Skin 2 Case For BlackBerry Z10, courtesy of Gentec International. If you are unfamiliar with Gentec International, they are the largest consumer accessories supplier in Canada. They mostly sell their products under other names, such as Roots Tuff Skin.

    Case Dimensions & Specifications:
    • Width : 3.9 in
    • Length : 1.0 in
    • Height : 7.6 in
    • Weight : 0.3 lb

    Regardless of how careful I try to be with my new devices, they are always bound to be dropped off a table or some other object.
    The rugged, 2.5mm silicone rubber case offers maximum protection for your device. The dual-layer, EXO-Guard design gives you a piece of mind of your device staying safe when dropped. When Roots says this case is Tuff, they aren't just bluffing as they offer a comprehensive warranty that guarantees your Tuff Skin 2 Case for life!

    • Minimalist packaging
    • Great access to all ports/buttons
    • Very slim/lightweight
    • Textured backing makes it easy to grip
    • Thick rubber offers unrivaled protection

    • Lack of cover/enclosure for microUSB & microHDMI ports
    • Slightly bulky when holding device
    • One color option (Black)

    Overall, Gentec's Roots Tuff Skin 2 Case provides a sturdy & fully-inclusive protective case. You can get it today for only $34.99 through one of the many stores found on Gentel International.

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