• Product Review: Power Jacket By Brando Workshop For The BlackBerry Z10

    Today Iíll be reviewing a wonderful accessory for your BlackBerry Z10. Itís the Power Jacket by Brando Workshop. The Power Jacket is essentially an external battery that is enclosed in a case that your BlackBerry Z10 can slip into and be charged on the go when you need that extra boost to your dying battery.

    I admit I like the Power Jacket. It is a great accessory to have with you when you are going to be without a power source or an extra battery for your Z10. You will not be left in a bind when you have the Power Jacket to use for your BlackBerry Z10. The Power Jacket can be recharged via a micro USB socket at the bottom of the case so you can make sure it has an available charge ready to go when you need it.

    The Power Jacket allows your BlackBerry Z10 to slip onto a micro USB charging port built into the inside of the case and a press of the button on the back will start the power flowing to your Z10 to charge your battery. The cut outs on the power jacket allow access to the micro-HDMI port, camera, top button and volume controls so access is not a problem.

    I do have some complaints about the Power Jacket though. Yes, it is a wonderful device to have available with you but there are a couple of factors that dim the experience with the portable charger. I found ergonomically the Power Jacket is comfortable to hold but there is a protrusion on the left hand side where the USB charging port is located. This is very clumsy to have as it extends about a quarter of an inch out of the edge of the case. This protrusion encapsulates the wiring for the micro USB charging and is a hindrance to holding the case, if you donít have large hands.

    Another problem I find that Iím a little disappointed with is the lack of protection the Power Jacket offers on the right side of an attached device. The right side corners of the Power Jacket are lower than the left side and do not offer much protection to your BlackBerry Z10 when it is in the case. This is also a limitation with the ergonomics because the Z10 needs to be slid in from the right side to slip the device onto the USB power port, so the corners on the right side cannot be high like the left side.

    This is the dangerous part of using the Power Jacket. If you were to accidentally drop the Power Jacket on a hard surface while your Z10 is in it and it happens to land on itís right side, there is not enough protection to keep your BlackBerry Z10 from sustaining damage; possibly serious damage, to your phone.


    Nice to have in a pinch for power on the go.
    Charges quickly.
    Comes in Black and White to match your BlackBerry Z10.


    Bulky with the protrusion for the micro USB port.
    Not much protection on the right side of the case for your phone.
    Not to be used for daily protection for your device.

    Overall, I must say that I do like the Power Jacket by Brando Workshop. I like that the charge is always there when I need it and I can charge the device and the Power Jacket when needed. It comes in handy and delivers exactly what it is made for. You wonít regret buying the Power Jacket by Brando Workshop because you will definitely get your moneyís worth.

    The Power Jacket can be purchased here for only $35.00.

    Power Jacket Specs:

    Battery: Lithium polymer
    Input: 5V/800mAh
    Output: 5V/1000mAh
    Dimensions: 142mm x 74xmm x 20mm
    Weight: 81.5g
    Recycle Use Times: 500 times
    Charging Time (Power Jacket): 3 hours
    Charging Time (BlackBerry): 1.5 hours
    Standby Time: Up to 120 hours
    Audio Play: 48 hours
    Video Play: 6 hours

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