• Product Review: The Noreve Tradition Leather Case For THe BlackBerry Passport

    In the smartphone world there are cases and then there are CASES. This review is for the latter and pertaining to your BlackBerry Passport, why would you choose something ordinary when using an extraordinary device? The case I’m referring to is the Tradition Leather Case by Noreve for the BlackBerry Passport. The Tradition is a handmade Nappa leather case with a flip up cover to protect that large Passport screen when you’re not using your BlackBerry. It arrives in some very nice packaging which matches the quality of the actual case itself.

    The Tradition has many options available to it. You can get the leather case in a multitude of colors on the outside and for a few dollars more, you can have a different color for the interior cover and a plethora of different designs in the leather to fit your individuality. Noreve makes these cases totally personalized and unique because you choose what you want. Of course, you pay for your style and the cases aren’t cheap, starting at €49,99 ($54.00 aprox) and with personalizing with colors and designs, the prices go up moderately from there. The sky is the limit for your tastes and wallet. You can also choose to go clip-less or order with a clip (metal or plastic).


    I reviewed the Perpetuelle version in all black, and I have to say I like the feel of the Noreve cover. It is smooth and soft to the touch with a bit of padding to the front of it.

    The Passport slides into the case with a snug fit and shows no inclination of slipping out. The Tradition’s stiff side rails allow protection to the sides of your passport plus easy access to the volume buttons. Although covered, damage would probably occur to your device if dropped on it’s screen or a sharp angle on a corner without the cover secured.

    When folded up, the front flap has full protection of the screen and a small hole in the front to let you see the red LED light so you can tell if you have any notifications and easy access to the charging port at the bottom with a cutout to let you plug in when you need to charge up. There is a magnet in the top as well to put your phone in sleep mode as well as a clip that goes across the top for secure closure.


    The only drawbacks I could find with this case is the flip up cover that is hinged on the bottom. I found it a burden to either let it hang down freely or to flip it up in back of the device and hold it in place. If you needed to take a picture, you have to let it hang freely as the lens on the Passport is covered up when you flip the cover back. It isn’t really user friendly in that sense.

    Also, this case is NOT designed to fit the AT&T Passport with the rounded edges. I'm sure Noreve will make cases for them sometine in the near future.


    Overall, the Tradition Leather Case by Noreve for the BlackBerry Passport is a nice case to have. If you want to splurge for a high quality case for such a productive phone, then by all means get this case and customize the heck out of it. Just be aware of what you’ll be getting into with the bottom flip cover.

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