• Product Review: Jackery Mini And Jackery Bar Battery Chargers

    Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the day and your BlackBerry battery is on its last legs. It’s in the yellow and you have no reasonable place to charge it up? Enter two very powerful little portable chargers to provide you with that solution to your power problem.

    I tested out the Jackery Mini and my colleague Shawn, a.k.a. TwistMyMind, did his hands on the Jackery Bar for a few weeks and we have come up with our reviews of the products. Here they are.

    Jackery Mini


    • Has a small profile to make it very portable.
    • Strong 2600 mAh battery to provide up to 50 hours of operation.
    • Simple and convenient USB charging cable for ease of supplying power.
    • Blue LED status indicator for level of charge.
    • Safe 4 layer internal battery protection with a solid build.
    • Advanced Power lock technology that will keep a charge for up to 6 months.


    • Takes up to 5 hours to charge.
    • Quality of USB cable.
    • Very quick to heat up when supplying power to a device.
    • Not much documentation provided for the product.
    • Price is too expensive. Look for a sale.

    My experience with the Jackery Mini was overall a positive experience. I did use it with my BlackBerry 9930 and my BlackBerry Z10. I found that the Jackery Mini was very fast when charging up the battery on both devices. The size of the Mini made for easy transport and storage in my laptop backpack.

    I had a couple of people ask me what the orange bar was that attached to my BlackBerry phone. The color of the device I tested was kind of an attention grabber but I wouldn’t call it an eyesore. Actually I found it helpful to have a noticeable color so I wouldn’t leave it behind accidentally.

    I did find that the actual time to juice up the Jackery Mini was a bit of a hindrance because it did take a good five hours to charge and I mostly charged the Mini off my laptop but you load the Jackery up for times when you need the power. You don’t charge it up for instant use as a plug in charger.

    My one real concern when using the Jackery Mini was how warm the Mini got when it was in use to charge up both my BlackBerry phones. It got very warm to the touch to warrant some concern. I didn’t fear that it would catch fire, explode or burn my hand when I touched it but it always did catch my attention.

    Overall, the Jackery Mini is a wonderful emergency power device to have for your on the go lifestyle. Although see if you can find it on sale because the list price of the Mini is $59.95 and is a bit on the expensive side for what you get.

    My co-blogger Shawn tested out the Jackery Bar and his findings were almost as similar. Shawn’s pros and cons are as follows.

    Jackery Bar Review


    • The ability to fully charge his Z10 1.5x per each battery charge.
    • No loss or drainage of power from the Jackery when not in use.
    • Simple, small and portable.
    • The charger didn’t get warm while in use.


    • The included USB cable was flimsy and couldn’t hold up to much bending. The internal cables became exposed after less than two weeks of use.
    • Battery casing wasn’t scratch resistant. Became easily scratched after being kept in his pocket for a short period of time.
    • The lack of in depth instructions. There was no explanation on how to turn off the internal flashlight.

    While our findings are both similar for the most part I didn’t have a problem with the USB cable although I did find it a bit thin for my liking. And while Shawn had no problem with his Jackery device getting warm, I found that my Jackery Mini got extremely warm for my tastes.

    Shawn also felt that the price of the Jackery Bar was steep for what was offered. It retails for $80 but it is worth the search to find it for cheaper. Overall, we both feel the Jackery line of battery chargers would be a fine addition to your BlackBerry lifestyle.

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