- Product Review: Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset
  • Product Review: Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset

    Do you live in an area where you are required by law to use a hands free device when driving in your car? Yes, I know, it’s a good idea but do many of you actually do it? Or do you take your chances and tempt fate? If you feel that you’ve pushed the envelope one time too many or if you’re in the market for a smaller, lighter Bluetooth headset for your phone the Jabra Talk is the right choice for you.

    The Jabra Talk headset is a lightweight device weighting only 10 grams. I really forgot I was wearing it most of the time. It comes in an attractive black and chrome body with interchangeable ear buds and two different size ear hooks. If you don’t like the feel of an ear hook you can wear the Jabra Talk with just an ear bud. The enclosed ear buds provide a variety of different sizes to suit your needs if you wish to go without an ear hook.

    Use of the Jabra Talk couldn’t be easier. The on/off switch is located on the back of the device behind the earpiece and the visual display for the connectivity and the battery are easily seen on the back as well. The calling/answering is controlled by an integrated button at the side of the headset for easy access. A tap is needed to answer a call or a redial. To make a call via voice dialing, press the button and then follow the prompts from your device. It was literally that simple to use.

    I enjoyed using the Jabra Talk very much. It’s voice alerts kept me informed on battery status, if I had lost connection or if I accidentally hit the answer/end button and started to redial someone. Another feature of the Jabra Talk I particularly enjoyed was their Multiuse Bluetooth pairing which allowed me to pair the Talk to my BlackBerry 9930 and my Mac Book Pro when I video chatted with my sister in Pittsburgh.

    The sound that the Jabra Talk produced was fantastic in all environments. I found that I could hear quite easily with the windows down in my car and be heard just as easily. In the quiet of my neighborhood on a walk, I wasn’t overpowered by a loud raspy voice or a garbled tinny voice. With 6 hours of talk time, that's a blessing. The volume controls are located on the top of the device and easily accessed by feel. The Jabra Talk’s HD Voice technology was strong and performed admirably. I also streamed music through my headset but in all honesty, I prefer a stereo Bluetooth headset for both ears like the Jabra Sport.

    Overall, this Bluetooth headset is a fantastic compliment to your BlackBerry Smartphone. The Jabra Talk carries a suggested retail price of $29.99 and in my opinion is very much worth it. It’s lightweight, easy to use, unobtrusive, high quality and extremely reliable. I cannot recommend it more highly.

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