• Product Review: Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

    If you’re a workout fiend, a cross circuit training fanatic, the road warrior jogger, power walker or just lift weights casually, I have the set of wireless bluetooth earbuds you’re going to want to have. Let me introduce you to the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds.

    The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless earbuds are a wonderful addition to your workout arsenal. The Sport Coach earbuds are made from silicon tips and form fitting tips (you get a selection for the correct size for you) that fit snugly in your ear. While you are moving around you won’t have that feeling that the earbuds will fall out or even feel the least bit loose. The earbuds themselves seal your ear so they remove a lot of outside noise. This allows you to remain focused on your workout. The earbuds come in three colors: Red, Blue and Yellow and are easily paired via bluetooth or NFC.

    Sound quality was amazing for working out. I usually walk for my workouts so when I walk, I like to listen to a lot of different styles of music and even radio. I found the ranges of audio to be powerful but not overpowering. Treble was spot on without being too high or tinny on vocals. Bass was deep and resonated well. I like my classic rock and roll and the Sport Coach earbuds handle digital music with ease. You won’t need to blast your music or NPR to get what you want to hear. The Sport Coach Wireless earbuds deliver.

    The Sport Coach is wireless so the cord is long enough to all neck types with comfort. The cord can be worn either behind or in front of your neck, depending on your preference, and there is an in-line control with volume buttons, and a button that can be used to pause the music as well as answer and end calls (there is a built-in microphone for calls). These wireless earbuds can be worn either for your workouts or as an everyday driver pair or earbuds for the casual listener.

    The only down side for me on the Sport Coach earbuds is the battery. I got about 4.5 hours out of them. I understand this as the battery has to be small to fit into the earbud but I wish they could have put a more powerful battery in the earbuds. You charge the Sport Coach earbuds by way of a micro-USB cable that needs to be attached to the right earbud. The connection is protected by the silicon wing, so sweat and rain won't seep in. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully recharge and you can use the USB cord from your computer or a regular phone charger to do the recharge.

    Jabra also has a variety of apps that compliment the Sport Coach earbuds. Jabra Sound, which is complimentary. The Jabra Sport app works to play music from your chosen music app. The Sport app will temporarily pause your music to tell you the meters of your workouts., then continue on playing until it is time for the next readout.


    The Jabra Sport Wireless earbuds are comfortable, durable, powerful and helpful. They compliment and enhance your workout / music experience. These earbuds are more than just for listening to music. Keep in mind that you can use these just as a regular set of daily earbuds but you’d be missing out on so many more features of these earbuds.

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