• Product Review: Jabra Solemate Mini

    A little while ago, I reviewed a portable Boombox speaker by Jabra called the Solemate. I'm here today to let you know about it's little brother, the Solemate Mini. Like it's sibling, the Solemate Mini is a portable, wireless, bluetooth speaker that really delivers on the sound and lessens the burden on your wallet. The Jabra Solemate Mini sells for $99.00 and is a great piece of almost (pocket sized) technology.

    The Solemate Mini contains two 1.4" front speakers and a 3.5" bass speaker in the back and reproduces audio as well as the bigger Jabra Solemate. The Mini comes in four colors to match your personal taste. The universal black, a bright blue, red and yellow so choosing one matching your style is easy.

    Three buttons on the top of the Mini are all you have to deal with. Volume up (+), volume down(-) and a central voice/answer/mute button. It seems a little bereft of tech but less is more actually. These three buttons are all you need. The answer button allows you to turn the Mini into a clear speaker phone if you wish, allowing your to answer or make calls through the Mini by your phone's voice command, which I found very handy.

    The design on the bottom is where the Solemate line gets it's moniker. The bottom ridges are made to look like a sneaker but the design is more than just eye candy. The design is there to add grip so when you put your Solemate Mini down, there's not much chance of it sliding around. Also in the bottom is a 3.5mm auxiliary cable snugly nestled into the bottom ridges in the form of an "s" for handy out of the way storage. If you don't want to go Bluetooth, just plug in the auxiliary cable and commence to jamming.

    The Mini has Blutetooth 3.0 and NFC, for quick pairing, which I liked and it seems NFC is becoming more the norm now. The biggest part of the overall appeal of the Jabra Solemate Mini is the battery. The Mini has an eight hour / three month power standby, mini USB port chargeable battery. Charge it up, play it for a while and then if you don't use it for a month, you'll still have a great amount of power remaining to push out your tunes.

    My findings when playing music with the Solemate Mini was that the sound was remarkable. It reproduces bass notes wonderfully well. The high notes and treble are clear and precise. Phone calls were reproduced much better than some in ear devices. I did have one moment of concern when I was using my phone and kept having breakup in the audio via the Bluetooth / NFC pairing. I got worried because of this was not what I came to expect from Jabra and it's wireless products so I did a little testing. I used the Bluetooth with my computer and my wife's phone. Both played clear and clean with no breakup. Through process of elimination I found that it was the case I had on my phone that was causing some sort of problem with the connection. I removed the case and the Solemate Mini performed like it should have. A big sigh of relief there for sure.

    Overall, the Jabra Solemate Mini is a wonderful little speaker that will have you dancing around to your music anywhere, anytime you want. It's size and price make it ideal for the minimalists in life who want a splash of color. Sound is what the Solemate Mini reproduces the best and the folks at Jabra have another hit on their hands.

    You can find the Jabra Solemate online here or at other fine retail stores.

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