• Product Review: Jabra Revo Corded Headphones

    If you’re looking for a great pair of wired headphones for your BlackBerry that sound fantastic, are comfortable, lightweight and fashionable, let me introduce you to the Jabra brand Revo corded headphones. They come in either grey or white colors and retail at $199.99 but with a little browsing online, can be found for quite a bit less.


    The look of the Revo is phenomenal. The mix of silver, grey, black, white and red make the Revo stand out when you have them on. I was stopped multiple times asking what headphones I was wearing. When I said that they’re the Jabra Revo, people were very curious about them. Many people asked to try them on and found them to be extremely comfortable and the ease of adjustment in size made for easy fitting for all head shapes. The Revo makes it easy to tell which speaker is which with the LEFT and RIGHT printed directly on the inside cover of the corresponding speaker. And the padding on the speakers is incredibly comfortable. They do not put a tremendous amount of pressure on the ears unlike other similarly priced headphones.

    The Sound

    Listening to music is a dream with the Jabra Revo. Bass notes are deep, trebles are pure, vocals are clear. Not once did I hear any buzz or fuzziness in any songs I played through the Revo. I found that the sound reproduction was phenomenal. I was floored when I was listening to the Beatles “A Day In The Life” and heard clearly a wooden chair squeak during the end of the piano coda (when they all hit the keys simultaneously).

    I also listen to a lot of podcasts and old time radio programs. The Revo made listening to both of these formats very enjoyable. I wore the Revo everywhere. I even used the Revo on my job. I am a news videographer and I have to monitor audio when I’m shooting an interview. I plugged the Revo into my ENG camera and used them on a daily basis. I found them reliable and durable enough for the rigors of news gathering. A major plus in my opinion.


    Using the Revo every day for the past three weeks was a pleasant experience but a tad disappointing. I found the headphones to be easy to use. They fold in on themselves for compact portability and the provided environmental protective bag made transporting the headphones delight as I didn’t need to worry about them getting scraped up or dirty.

    The audio cord supplied with the Revo has an omni directional microphone with a standard 3.5mm jack so the headphones can be used to answer and make phone calls. The cord can be detached and used as a AUX cable to attach you phone to your automotive sound system if you have one.

    The headsets have two jack connectors which serve a dual purpose. There are two jacks (one underneath each speaker) that can be used for sharing your audio with another person if you wish. Also, you can plug the cord into either side of the headphones to keep the cord out of your way if you are doing something and don’t want the cord bothering you.

    The cord also has volume controls and a pause/play button on it. This is the one thing that I did find tremendously disappointing about the Revo. The Revo is built for use with the iPhone , so the fact that you cannot use the volume controls to skip to the next track when listening to music on your BlackBerry is an extreme disadvantage to these headphones.


    • Ease of use.
    • Sound Quality is phenomenal.
    • Comfort.
    • Durability.

    • Not built equally for the BlackBerry in terms of functionality.

    I would recommend the Jabra Revo if you want a good quality set of wired headphones. The sound quality I found is second to none and comfort is king. I truly love these headphones. BUT… unless you want to give up the functionality of choosing music tracks without having to pull the phone out of your pocket of book bag every time you want to skip a song, I really cannot recommend them for a BlackBerry user.

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