• Priv Preorder Ship Time Is Now November 9th

    With the notice coming in just days before release, BlackBerry is now expecting the Priv to ship the week of November 9th, three days after the initial release date. While many BlackBerry fans will be disappointed by this keep in mind it is only one business day since the 7th and 8th are the weekend. Hopefully these "unforseen circumstances" are truly a one business day delay and not a major issue.

    It is unclear whether the delay effects carrier release as well.

    Telus has reported "There should be enough stocks at launch to sustain demand." & are still expecting the device to be available in-store on November 6th.

    AT&T has reported that availability will vary from store to store on November 6th, and they recommend contacting your nearest local store to confirm availability before coming in to their retail location.

    Hopefully this sentiment holds true across all channels.

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