• Priv Hardware: Keyboard, Camera, Battery

    The Keyboard

    The BlackBerry Bold, Torch, Passport, Q10, and Classic are all well known devices with great physical keyboards. If you're reading this, chances are you enjoy physical keyboards on phones. Trouble is, you're in the minority.

    Who else is still making physical keyboards for phones? Samsung launched an accessory keyboard for their Galaxy S6 and let's not forget the Typo disaster for iPhone. And...that's about it.

    If so few companies are taking physical keyboards seriously these days, why should we care? Well, BlackBerry heard you and has quite a bit to say about it.

    • A superior typing experience: The PRIV’s keyboard lets you exert unprecedented control over how your device functions. When the slider’s open, the touch-sensitive keys function as a large track pad, allowing for fine-grained scrolling and cursor control. The sculpted keys let you know you’ve hit the right letter with the perfect amount of feedback, allowing you you to confidently type without having to look down at your phone. Blast out long emails with amazing accuracy and blazing speed, and then slide the keyboard easily away when you want to go on-screen.
    • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts: Execute common tasks more quickly with time-saving keyboard shortcuts. Give actions to specific keys like speed dial for a contact, use them to quickly launch your most-used apps, and take advantage of things like double-spacing to get a period, pressing and holding a key for a capital letter, or pressing T or B to get to the top or bottom of an email, document or webpage.

    The Camera

    I'll reserve my own thoughts on the Priv's camera for the day I own one but BlackBerry's own explanation of just how powerful and versatile the camera is really has me excited for it.

    The PRIV’s camera integrates technologies commonly found in high-end DSLR cameras. It’s equipped with a range of professional settings that you can apply as you frame the scene, including live color filters and exposure control. It’s the only smartphone with a dual-color (white and amber) flash, which enables better color balancing, delivers more natural, realistic images and performs better in low light, contributing to the color/image quality, especially when taking pictures of people.

    The dual-color flash complements features like phase detection auto focus (PDAS), commonly used in high-end DSLR cameras to dramatically increase focus speed & accuracy;optical image stabilization (OIS), which ensures pictures and videos are not blurred from the slightest movement; and multi-frame HDR, which takes multiple pictures at different exposures and combines them for more beautiful images.

    You’ll also be able to take amazing panorama shots with both the front- and rear-facing cameras. The rear-facing camera captures a 360-degree arc around you in stunning detail with 130+-megapixel panoramas, while the front-facing “selfie panorama” allows you to have your friends and your surroundings in the picture with you.

    If stills aren’t enough to capture the action, you can tap the PRIV’s video camera feature. It takes 4K resolution video at 30 frames per second (fps), plus you can record video and take pictures at the same time. You can also record 60fps video in 1080p (great for fast-moving subjects or scenarios with lots of motion like kids, pets or sports).

    The Battery

    Pro tip: new batteries will likely need fully drained and fully charged to accurately reflect true capacity. Meaning, don't freak out if the first time you power on your Priv it dies in 5-6 hours.

    Long battery life is a staple of modern BlackBerry hardware. From the Leap, Passport, and now Priv, users consistently praise the hours of constant use but ending their day double digit percentage left. The Priv boasts a whopping 3410 MAH battery all packed into a slim design.

    Don’t let the PRIV’s slim design fool you. Underneath its sleek exterior hides some serious power: a colossal 3,410 mAh battery, nearly double the size of the iPhone 6S’s 1,715 mAh battery and 26% bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus’ battery. That gives the PRIV enough energy to withstand up to 22.5 hours of mixed use.

    The PRIV achieves this extended run-time despite its incredibly detailed screen and powerful hardware. It also provides enhanced visibility into its battery life [...] the elegant, curved edge of the PRIV’s 5.4-inch immersive display allows you to quickly view your phone’s charge status even when it’s sleeping, without having to wake up the device.
    Keep it locked right here for our full review of the latest BlackBerry device; Priv!

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