• Priv Accessories Begin Making Appearances In Online Listings

    With the rumored November launch date of Blackberry Priv fast approaching, the inevitable has happened; wholesalers are starting to put placeholders on their website for Priv accessories.

    Here is the current list of accessories for the BlackBerry Priv:

    • ACC-62174-001 BlackBerry Priv Leather Holster
    • ACC-62172-001 BlackBerry Priv Leather Pocket Black
    • ACC-62172-002 BlackBerry Priv Leather Pocket Tan
    • ACC-62170-002 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hard Shell Lagoon Blue
    • ACC-62170-003 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hard Shell Military Green
    • ACC-62170-001 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hardshell Black
    • ACC-62173-002 – Leather Smart Flip Case Tan
    • ACC-62173-001 – Leather Smart Flip Case Black
    • ACC-62175-001 – Sync Pod W/1.2m USB Cable
    • ACC-62178-001 – BlackBerry Priv Sync Pod Nest

    Keep in mind that these accessories showing up is no sure sign of an imminent release, but history has told us that BlackBerry accessories do typically start making their way online 4-6 weeks before a device officially launches.

    Which of these accessories will be on your "must-have" list for your Priv? Let us know in the comments below!

    Via: Reddit

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