• Presenting The Cinematic Feature "Two Scoops" By Robert Rodriguez

    Video description: 'Two Scoops' is a cinematic adventure, created by Robert Rodriguez with the help of his fans. In the film, you will find a scene featuring 'the agent,' a secret weapon, and the monster. Each of these elements was either created or inspired by a fan of Robert Rodriguez.

    Throughout the film, you will also find missing person posters. Each of these 'missing people' are fans of Robert Rodriguez, who submitted their photos in order to appear in the film.

    'Two Scoops' was created as part of the Keep Moving Projects with BlackBerry 10. To learn more about the Keep Moving Projects with BlackBerry 10 and Robert Rodriguez, visit: http://www.blackberry.com/KeepMoving

    Check out the full video below. It's about 11 minutes long, so grab a snack and enjoy!

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