• Poynt, The Latest To Show Not All Android Apps On BlackBerry 10 Are Created Equal

    I prefer native apps over Android apps on BlackBerry 10. That needs to be said right off the bat so I don't get flamed this post. However, little by little, certain Android apps on BlackBerry have made a really good impression on me. The latest example of this is Poynt for BlackBerry 10.

    I've been a huge fan of Poynt as long as it's been available on BlackBerry. I've been missing it on BlackBerry 10, and was ecstatic to see it hit BlackBerry World today. I downloaded it, opened it and was a bit disappointed to see the "Please Wait..." Android runtime indicator. After having it load and using it for a bit, it became pretty apparent, Poynt was definitely a superior Android app.

    If you haven't download it yet, you need to. Poynt lets you find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers and events near you whenever and wherever you need them. The kicker is how well it does.

    Poynt offers such a seamless, lag-free experience, it was shocking. It located me in pretty much no time, and gave me the weather without me even having to look for it. Search results were quick, and every GPS-based service worked on point (pun intended).

    If you sideloaded Poynt for Android on your Z10, and try this version in BlackBerry World, you will notice the stark difference. And that's the point. A company should develop natively for BlackBerry 10. No buts about that. But if they can't/won't for whatever reason, then they need to work with BlackBerry to make sure their Android app is as bad ass as it can be.

    My fellow blogger, John Reid, wrote about Android apps on the Z10, and how we should view them as a plus, and not a negative for our favorite platform. I highly recommend reading his piece if you haven't already. I didn't completely agree with him until recently, and after using Poynt, I'm convinced BlackBerry made the right call on this topic.

    (As a side note, I'm running AT&T's official OS on my personal Z10 so the Android runtime on it is the same one you probably have on your Z10.)

    Poynt isn't alone in being this solid as Android app. Most people have already experienced how great Songza and Waze are. Both are Android apps, and both have been tweaked to enhance the experience on BlackBerry 10. Skype is another example of an Android app that has been worked with to do some cool things. For example, it's been integrated within the Hub, which is something we haven't even seen from most native apps.

    As BlackBerry 10 matures, and the Android runtime updates, it will become more of an advantage instead of it being seen as a handicap. I imagine the consensus will also shift towards a more positive outlook, and even more apps will be made available to us thanks to it.

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