• PowerSkin Accessory Review For The BlackBerry Z10

    A few months ago I reviewed a hard case charger for the BlackBerry Z10 called the Power Bank. This time around I am reviewing a soft rubberized charging case made by PowerSkin. The case itself, model number BC01BYB101-BK is a much better case for your BlackBerry Z10 than the Power Bank in my opinion.

    The PowerSkin case first and foremost is a better protector of your BlackBerry Z10 than the one I reviewed earlier. The PowerSkin case encompasses the whole of your BlackBerry, covering all four corners of your phone, thus making drops a little less stressful.

    Integrated in the case itself is a microUSB charging cable that fits into the BlackBerry’s charging port. It fits flush into the BlackBerry and inside part of the PowerSkin. On the outside of the skin there is a 2 inch long ridge where the charging cable slips into. The ridge itself is a little bit obtrusive when you hold it but it is not a huge factor ergonomically. The ridge goes along with the form factor of the case instead of getting in the way, making holding the case a much easier experience and not taking on your hands.

    The battery pack integrated into the back of the case makes the case a bit thicker than usual, taking away the natural thinness of the Z10 but, what it takes away in thinness, it adds in battery life especially with a 1500mAH battery.

    The power pack in the PowerSkin will give you an extra charge to your BlackBerry Z10, so it is the perfect option for you when you are on the go and know you will be away from any other means of adding juice to your BlackBerry. The PowerSkin back also includes an internal NFC chip so that it keeps the full functionality of the BlackBerry Z10 NFC intact.

    The back part of the PowerSkin has a button with a 4 light LED indicator that lets you know the amount of the charge left in your PowerSkin. Also, the PowerSkin can be recharged with a provided USB charging cable that can plug into any existing USB port which additionally allows data syncing while charging your BlackBerry Z10.

    Overall, the PowerSkin is my favorite portable charging case. It is protective, light weight, not as bulky, and keeps its charge for a good long while. I didn’t feel like the PowerSkin would slide out of my hands or if it did, I didn’t fret that there would be damage to my BlackBerry Z10.

    Pros: The PowerSkin covers all edges of your BlackBerry Z10. It feels comfortable in your hands when you use your Z10. The battery charges fast and recharges your Z10 quickly when needed.

    Cons: The Rubberized Case does tend to gather lint and fuzz more easily. The price may be a bit steep for some people.

    The PowerSkin BC01BYB101-BK retails for $79.99 and can be purchased here.

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