• PortToBlackBerry10.com Lets Fans Tell Developers They Want Their Apps On BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry fans are passionate about BlackBerry 10. We're genuinely excited about this OS and feel that every app developer, big and small, should be on board.

    BlackBerry fan, @NICKVALENTIN0, has created an easy way to let app developers of major apps on iOS and Android know that you want their app on BlackBerry 10. Simply point your browser to PortToBlackBerry10.com and select an app from the list. Clicking "Let's Rock & Roll This!" will then send a tweet out the developer letting them know you want their app on BlackBerry 10. Simple!

    #TeamBlackBerry gets creative and this is one of my favorite ways to let our voices be heard so far! You can follow along on twitter to see which apps are being requested and by whom by searching the hashtag #BB10AppHunt.

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