• Porsche Designed BlackBerry P'9982 Shown Off In Video

    When BlackBerry and Porsche teamed up to created the P'9981, we figured this wouldn't be the only time they did so, and apparently that seems to be the case as a new video depicting a Porsche designed Z10 has hit the web. The P'9982, not a very creative name but whatever, is pretty much a modded out Z10. The P'9982 will sport the same hardware as the Z10, not the Z30, and cost around $2,000. Both of those things combined make this device a huge waste of money, in my opinion.

    The P'9982 is pretty ugly. When the Z10 debuted, a lot of people criticized the lack of wasted screen real estate on the device. BlackBerry has fixed this with the Z30, but P'9982 compounds the Z10's problems by adding even more non-screen area to the front of the device. The P'9982 seems longer than the Z10, but since the screen size hasn't changed, this only makes the device look weirder, not better.

    Either way, check out the video above, and let us know your thoughts on the P'9982. Would you fork over $2,000 for this device?

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