• Porsche Design Releases P'9981 BlackBerry Milled From A Solid Block Of 24-Carat Gold

    Porsche Design continues to ride out the classic sleek design of the P'9981 smartphone. This time around with a gold version that has been "milled from a solid block of 24-carat gold." Apparently the original $1,500 price wasn't enough for Porsche Design fans, so they had to step it up a notch.

    While gold Krylon spray paint could get you the same results, it's not the same as holding a device worth a fortune. Just be sure you don't leave it at the bar, cause the lucky bastard that finds it will have it smelted down for cash at the local pawnshop faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

    There will be only 25 of these devices made total, and one is expected to make it's way to a Harrod's store in the UK next month. No price-tag yet, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything certain.

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