• PlayStation Portable Emulator Coming To BlackBerry 10

    While we have seen emulators for just about every gaming platform for the BlackBerry PlayBook, it takes a bit of handy work to get these emulators updated and working on BlackBerry 10. xSacha, a programmer known for creating emulators, is already far along in the works of a fully functioning PlayStation Portable Emulator for BlackBerry 10. The emulator is being called the, PPSSPP.

    One thing about BlackBerry 10 we can look forward to is being able to play all of our favorite old school games through these emulators. And this will be possible through the ability to sideload these applications. The the video above for the quick demo of what xSacha has done so far. Looks like the controls are a bit small, but this is still a very early build.

    What classic game are you looking forward to most to play on your BlackBerry 10 device?

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