• PlayBook Price Cuts Result In 15% Total Market Share In Canada

    A survey of 1,000 Canadians was completed by Toronto-based, Solutions Research Group (SRG) showing tablet ownership of the Blackberry PlayBook market share has risen from about 5 per cent of the total tablet market last fall, from 10% to 15%, a major jump that coincides with the company’s decision to slash its price by hundreds of dollars due to widespread discounting by Research In Motion Ltd.

    Even though the iPad held the top spot with a 68% market share - though down from 86% before.

    As it stands, the BlackBerry Playbook with all the sales and the promise of OS2 coming soon, even though the PlayBook was being sold at a loss, renewed sales of the device may be keeping consumers within the RIM fold.

    With all the negativity of RIM, and the often-criticized BlackBerry PlayBook, this is definitely a very good sign that the PlayBook is going in the right direction, and now with a new PlayBook 3G and the much-anticipated OS2.0 software update on the horizon, this couldn't come at a better time.

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