• PlayBook - Full Demo Video

    If you’re not tired of hearing little excerpts here and there about Mike Lazaridis demoing the PlayBook during the Dive Into Mobile interview, you can finally see the entire video. The video itself is about forty minutes long.

    While Mike demoed the PlayBook, the interviewers seem bent on discussing BlackBerry. A potentially sore subject with RIM, given lost sales to Android devices.

    Mike confirms that RIM is already testing out faster multicore processors and larger resolution screens for their handset devices, but will continue to use OS 6 for the time being. He claims that the BlackBerry 6 experience will get much better with a faster processor.

    Mike further claims that the “amazing QNX” operating system is going to revolutionize mobile computing with the tablet.

    If you watch the full video, be sure to tell us what you think.

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