• "Pink Slip Thursdays" Haunt RIM Employees in Waterloo

    As a company struggling with constant media attacks and its own internal issues dealing with the transition to BlackBerry 10, RIM needs to be "laser focused" now more than ever. The only way "Pink Slip Thursday" would be exciting to employees at RIM's Waterloo headquarters would be if they were pink slips to BB 10 connected Porsche cars. According to Jason Eckert, the dean of technology at triOS College, "the pink slips fly every Thursday."

    Eckert reports that he has students who work for RIM and that they generally are optimistic about RIM and they genuinely want to see RIM succeed. He goes on to say that still, "a lot of people have cleaned out their desks just in case."

    Jessee Hicks, the Verge reporter who traveled from Detroit to Waterloo and interviewed Eckert, says that RIM employees don’t speak to the media because monthly meetings include a reminder that all communications must go through official channels. What's worse is that the talk in the media of a buyout, or a breaking up the company to sell for parts does nothing to help ease the minds of RIM employees.

    Yet, there is a ray of hope coming from talented people who still see potential in the company’s new platform. One such person, Alec Saunders, VP of developer relations, has made a noticeable impact in recruiting and attracting new developers to RIM. Times are rough for RIM right now, and thousands of people's livelihood are on the line. These types of news make anyone queasy, but just like the developers attending #BB10Jam, we too are optimistic of RIM's future and recognize that such cuts are necessary for RIM to make for the next ten years. In these times we can only say #BeBold, "hang on."

    via: The Verge

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