• PingMe Drops BlackBerry Support, BlackBerry Users Asks "What's PingMe?"

    Something called PingMe has apparently dropped support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone to focus on their iPhone and Android apps instead. On the heels of the BlackBerry 10, dropping support or announcing a lack of support for something that's not out, and could turn out to be amazing, is about as moronic as it can get. How about the waiting and seeing approach instead for the doubters? Their official statement follows:

    “We’re sad to announce that we will no longer support BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Starting December 31, 2012, service on both platforms will no longer be compatible with newer versions of PingMe.

    After long deliberation, our team decided that it is crucial for us to focus on making our iPhone and Android apps the best they can possibly be.

    It saddens us to leave you PingMe-less, but we hope you’ll understand why we had to make this tough decision. Thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement.

    Sincerely, The PingMe Team”

    In a world that really doesn't need another cross platform IM client, PingMe was probably the least known out of all of them (truthfully, I thought they were PingChat until I actually looked them up). Clients like Hookt, WhatsApp, and Touch have been around for a while and have developed a strong following over time so users of any of these apps will hardly notice the difference.

    Still, none of these clients can measure up to BBM, as our favorite messaging app truly is in a league on its own. This undoubtedly affects how popular any of these can be on our platform and with limited support, they may opt, like PingMe, to focus their efforts on platforms that do need more IM clients.

    If you want to, or care, tweet @PingMe and let them know what you think about this decision to drop BlackBerry support.

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