• Pill Pad On Sale For A Limited Time

    If you have a medical problem, possibly even multiple problems, you're almost certainly on some medications. Being on multiple medications can be very confusing to keep track of. Maybe you have an elderly family member that cannot keep track of their medications because there are so many. It is imperative that a doctor gets the history of medication because of all the dangerous drug interactions.

    Pill Pad is an app that allows you to keep track of your medications, the dosage levels, doctor's contact information, local pharmacy and essential medical websites. Pill pad also allows you to call your doctor's office from inside the app as well as featuring password protection to keep your medical data safe and secure.

    Pill Pad is currently on extended sale for $.99 for a limited time and can be purchased from BlackBerry World here. There is also a video presentation of all the features of Pill Pad which you can see below.

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