• Phone.com Virtual Office for BlackBerry

    Phone.com just released a new mobile office application for BlackBerry phones. It allows you to dial out from your BlackBerry using Phone.com. It can also save you money making outgoing calls if you are a registered user. Phone.com's description of their new BlackBerry app states: "In addition to sending and receiving phone calls and text, Phone.com Mobile Office for BlackBerry allow users to access and manage their Phone.com account voicemail, view received faxes, click and connect to their private conference call bridge review call history, block calls from unwanted or unidentified numbers, send and receive SMS messages, and more."

    The advantage of Phone.com is that it allows a business, that may not have an office, to be reached at any time...anywhere. Phone .com is feature rich. You can route incoming phone calls to various numbers or multiple numbers at the same time. Custom Greetings, caller menus, call blocking, caller ID, faxes incoming and outgoing, text voicemail transcription and so much more.

    It does require a monthly fee but, hey...you don't have an office. It is even available for those that have an office. The best part of Phone.com Virtual office is that you need no hardware. You need no technicians. You don't need to bother with time consuming maintenance. If you are looking for a customizable virtual home/ office experience, try Phone.com today.

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