• Path CEO: Path For BlackBerry Coming In 2014

    Update: Forget about Path for BlackBerry for the time being. Apparently, Path CEO Dave Morin was misquoted as saying Path would be available for BlackBerry in 2014. According to Path representatives, the company will "think about" bringing an app to BlackBerry next year. Lame.


    BlackBerry has been shunned by some major social networks in recent memory; Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest being some of the most popular ones to ignore BB10. This evening however, Path CEO Dave Morin has confirmed they will be making an app for BlackBerry in 2014. Morin didn't specify whether the app would be for BlackBerry's legacy OS or BlackBerry 10, but odds are it'll be latter for many obvious reasons.

    Path has been struggling as of late to keep up with major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+, so the idea of expanding into another mobile OS makes sense for overall growth.

    The announcement of support for BlackBerry was presented on Indonesian TV, as Morin noted that country was the most active on Path. Indonesia also happens to be one of the biggest supporters of BlackBerry, so bringing a Path app to BlackBerry was logically the next step.

    Exactly when in 2014 this app will debut remains to be seen, but at least we know they'll be working on it. For the time being, Path should seriously consider porting their Android app to BlackBerry World at least. It may take some time to get a native version working perfectly, but porting an Android app is a breeze.

    Are you on Path? Are you excited to know it's coming to BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments below!

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