• Password Keeper Updated For BlackBerry 10 In BlackBerry World

    The useful app Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10 has been updated in BlackBerry World to v10.2.0.17. The app allows you to keep all your passwords, logins and other information safe and secure. It keeps your information in one central location for easy access and fully protected by one single password.

    Some of the updates for Password Keeper include:

    • Import Password Keeper data from a previous BlackBerry Device.
    • Import BlackBerry Wallet login credentials from your previous device.
    • Single Password Keeper Password.
    • Records are encrypted using AES 256.
    • Auto Lock.
    • Create, edit and delete records.
    • Edit labels.
    • Search
    • Copy username and password
    • Random password generation.
    • Set records as favorites.
    • Landscape view support.
    • Duplicate existing records for faster entry.

    These are just a small amount of the improvements made to Password Keeper. To view the complete list, head on over to BlackBerry World on your phone or the website and download the app now.

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