• Passport Only Leaks; Possible Screen Flicker Fix?

    Fresh off the heels of the Official 10.3.1 update pushed out by BlackBerry, a new leak has come out that, as of now, is just for the BlackBerry Passport. Rumor is that this build includes the fix for the screen flicker some people are having with their BlackBerry Passport.

    To load this leak, you will need side load the bar files using Sachesi. But please understand these two things: this is only for the BlackBerry Passport device and you MUST be running .2243 or .2267 running on your device before side loading .2480 or you risk screwing things up. You may safely ignore the warnings that pop up on screen, as long as you're installing this on your Passport and not another device.

    Please be aware that BlackBerryOS.com assumes no responsibility if you decide to install this leak. You alone assume the responsibility if something goes wrong. Please only install if you are fully sure in your ability in loading a leak.

    Let us know if you do decide to load this leak and if it fixes your Passport screen flicker problem.


    Source: CB Forums

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