• Pacemaker App Shown Off Last Night At BlackBerry World Party

    RIM knows how to throw a party, that's definitely a given. This year with the BlackBerry World party in Universal Studios Orlando, they were able to incorporate one of the coolest apps I've seen on the PlayBook as well. The Pacemaker app, which had been announced as coming exclusively for the PlayBook, was live and on-hand last night.

    To put it simply, the app is mind-blowing. As a DJ, I cannot wait to get it and be able to put it to the test. The guys that DJed last night, which included the famous "tools not toys" Martinez Brothers, were able to run all their music from the PlayBook, through Pacemaker, directly to the mixer and speakers. Nothing else needed. All the EQ, drops, effects; etc was done on the app. That was pretty amazing

    The Pacemaker beta app will be available exclusively to BlackBerry World attendees this afternoon starting at 1pm today. We'll be breaking down this awesome app later today once we get our hands on it. For now, enjoy the rest of the pics from last night!

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