• Pacemaker App Now Available For BlackBerry Z10

    We reported a couple weeks ago that Pacemaker had confirmed what we assumed for some time now. That the Pacemaker app would become available for the BlackBerry Z10. Today is that day in which you can now head into BlackBerry World and download Pacemaker for Z10 for only $4.99.

    But wait! If you bought the app previously for your PlayBook, you can download it for free by selecting the 'Universal' version instead.

    Here is a recent update from Pacemaker for those downloading the universal version:

    Some of you who bought Pacemaker for PlayBook may experience issues when trying to re-download your app on a BlackBerry Z10 device.

    This is due to the fact that Z10 comes in two versions, using two different GPU's. The Universal Pacemaker app currently works with one of these, and support for the other is currently in review and should be available shortly. Hang in there!

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