• Pacemaker App Interactive Tutorial Video

    Although I'm not a DJ, I am a musician and music lover. So when Pacemaker became available today for the BlackBerry PlayBook, I immediately purchased it and started messing around with some song tracks. One thing for you noobs out there that will be very helpful in learning how to control the app and your mixes, is an interactive tutorial that you can access within the app. This will give you a nice simple good start to creating your own mixes. In the video above I walk you through this little tutorial on how to mix with the Pacemaker app. Now I just need a DJ alias and I'm set! You can also check out a few more how-to tutorial videos made by Pacemaker that I posted in the forums. I would love to hear any mixes you all come up with using this app, so be sure to share them with us in the BBOS forums.

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