• P'9981 Theme Wallpaper Shows Up In Photo On Bold 9900

    Just a few days ago the special edition BlackBerry P'9981 theme was extracted for Bold 9900/9930 users. But many users were complaining that when installing the theme on their device the custom wallpaper that comes with the theme was not showing up, leaving a incomplete version of the P'9981 theme. Supposedly the wallpaper is hard-coded into the theme and cannot be extracted. The wallpaper is also being overridden by any stock carrier wallpaper that is on the default theme for the device. However, today we received a email with a photo from an anonymous tipster showing their 9900 device with the P'9981 theme installed and the wallpaper included. Didn't get any info as to how it was done, but we are told that we will receive another email in the next couple days showing how all Bold 9900/9930 users can get the wallpaper as well. Stayed tuned here on BBOS for more on this.
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