• Outlook 2-Way Sync Coming To Link "In A Few Weeks"

    Great news for Outlook users who are missing the feature to fully synchronise their BlackBerry 10 devices!

    Through the BlackBerry Support Forums, BlackBerry's Ty Williams has confirmed that 2-way synchronisation will be available in an upcoming BlackBerry Link update over the coming weeks:

    Thanks for your patience, in a few weeks we will be releasing an update to BlackBerry Link that supports two-way synchronization.
    Naturally, this is great news for those people who rely on Outlook for their work and either cannot or choose not to use cloud-based services such as Google and Outlook.com.

    Is this the feature that you've been waiting for from BlackBerry Link or have you moved on to other services? Tell us in the comments.

    Source: BlackBerry Support Forums

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