• Opinion: RIM And Their Upcoming Marketing Strategy

    Did you participate on Black Friday? Are you waiting for this upcoming Cyber Monday? Starting to see the commercials more and more on your TV for smart phones? Wonder if you’re going to see anything BlackBerry 10 related? Well in all honesty, so am I. It needs to be soon and it needs to be impressive.

    I’m hoping to see a commercial or two pop up on my TV screen closer to the Christmas holiday, that shows what is coming up with BlackBerry 10 and just how powerful and different it is. I want beyond all hope that RIM has put their marketing house in order and made that their priority.

    I think starting in early December, through the college football bowl season and culminating with two or three commercial buys during the Super Bowl would be what is needed to kick start a new era of BlackBerry marketing.

    We’ve said it for years. RIM has relied too much on its success and let the rest of the smart phone world pass it by. Word of mouth and resting on your laurels is no longer acceptable. Marketing today needs to dazzle. Companies need to give the consumer the feeling that they’re buying the best out there. We, as BlackBerry users and lovers of the product, know that BlackBerry is the best phone out there. What needs to be done is convince those that have left BlackBerry, for what they thought is a better product, to come back. Another thing that RIM needs to do is change the minds of those that think like sheep. Convince them that a minor change is not a new technological breakthrough.

    Will RIM use celebrity as their marketing ploy? Will you see one of the Kardashians plugging BlackBerry 10? How about Justin Bieber or One Direction? Celebrity endorsement is sadly essential to get some consumers to purchase your product and get the younger consumer on board. We’ve seen that some celebrities use their BlackBerry phones but they’ve been mostly caught by paparazzi. RIM needs to harness the celebrity energy and get their new image across. I think that RIM would be wise to have some major CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies endorse BlackBerry 10 for it’s business abilities.

    Whatever RIM decides to come up with marketing wise has to completely capture the mindset of BlackBerry 10. It has to appeal to the consumer that has become used to wanting the coolest and best out there. BlackBerry 10, from what we have seen, is sure to fit that bill. What RIM needs to do is market, market, market and take over the commercial avenues to the consumer.


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