• Opinion: The Case For BB10 Accessories

    See what I did there? The case as in holster/pouch accessory? Nevermind. Other phone manufacturers have long strayed away from providing handsets in more than just two basic colors, except of course for the Nokia Lumia series which come available in a wide array of colors. But the reason isnít that customers donít have a color preference, but rather because customers are sometimes very hard to please. Accessory manufacturers caught on to this trend early on when they set out to provide all kinds of cases for phones, be it hard shell cases, silicone, or other plastic, the advantage is that it permits the owner to color their world perfect by choosing from the wide variety of designs, colors and price ranges.

    Now that BlackBerry 10 will soon come knocking at our doors, it only makes sense for RIM to announce some type of partnership with accessory makers at the coming up BBJam Asia in order to further attract potential customers. Users coming from iOS and Android have been living in a Charlieís Chocolate Factory of sorts with dozens of accessory manufacturers and designs to choose from. Iíll say that one of my biggest frustrations in the past 5 years Iíve been a BlackBerry owner has been the lack of choices when it comes to accessories for my device of choice. It is so infuriating when I can find a cover for an iPhone even at the corner liquor store. BlackBerry needs to reach out to accessory makers to fill that kind of need in the market.

    There have been few case manufacturers who have faithfully catered to the BlackBerry community, OtterBox and Incipio come to mind, but we need much more variety. These two companies focus more on how to protect your device from being dropped, and that is not a bad thing, but consumers will want to consume additional cases, screen protectors and other goodies when BB10 finally hits the shelves, not to cover up their "shame" for using their device of choice, but rather to share their sense of style (or lack thereof).

    Donít get me wrong, the BlackBerry OEM cases, pouches, holsters and skins are great, but BlackBerry accessories need to be as ubiquitous as possible. Of course, when BB10 comes out, Iíd be wanting to protect my investment.

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