• Is The One Million BlackBerry 10 Device Mystery Buyer Brightstar?

    The mystery partner in BlackBerry's recent 1 million device order has been puzzling analysts and fans since the deal was announced. It seems that all that speculation has produced an unofficial, yet "confirmed" by some sources, target company, Brightstar.

    Sources have confirmed to AllThingsD, a report that was released earlier today by Detwiler Fenton Research Group pointing at distributor Brightstar as the company behind the million-device purchase.

    To put it in simply, Brightstar is a distributor, whom carriers, such as Verizon, rely upon to get smartphones out to big box retailers (think Best Buy, RadioShack; etc). Might sound cool, right? Well here's the thing. According to many analysts (you know how much I love talking about analysts), Verizon doesn't usually like to use third party distributors if it feels the phone will be doing well on its own and its own VZW stores. There's no need to "unload them" to another story and spread them out in hopes of selling more.

    This has made many people believe that Verizon doesn't think the Z10 will do well. That it doesn't believe they will be able to successfully market this device, and will need some help.

    The problem with this theory is that Verizon pretty much committed themselves heavily into this device when they decided to get the exclusivity rights in the U.S. on the white Z10. We know that having exclusivity on anything isn't cheap. It's pretty safe to say that Verizon believed in BlackBerry 10 and in the Z10 enough to warrant shelling out the cash that BlackBerry must've asked them for.

    Both BlackBerry and Brightstar have declined to comment, and who knows if we'll ever have a specific, definitive answer, but at least now, we have a pretty great idea.

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