• One Man's Opinion On The New Palm Pixi - Ahem! - I Mean BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory Concept

    So, before the flaming starts, there is no denying that the new concept design BlackBerry, dubbed BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory, resembles the form factor of the newer Palm device series. Let's just clear the air on that. When I first laid eyes on the mock-up images, all I could think of was holding a stylus pen in hand while using the device (not necessarily a bad thing).

    I do like the idea of the bigger screen to satisfy the full-screen users, while jamming in some physical keys to satisfy the physical keyboard junkies. But is it really a winning design? I say probably not. Why? Because it looks like a man with a undersized body and a overgrown head trying to do a back-flip! Not going to be easy (nothing against big heads, I have one myself). And there are some negative side affects to having such a large screen with a regular sized keypad. It renders the one-handed usage primarily to the bottom of the touchscreen only. No more single hand high stretches to reach that touch sensitive content up top, as you'll have to let go of the keyboard and double hand it without that trackpad. So, unless you have the fingers of a 7 foot tall basketball player, I'd opt for a smaller design.

    [BB10 TK2 concept device next to Palm Pixi Plus]

    However, easier said than done, right? I'm not saying I could come up with something better (see my mediocre unfinished mockup), but I do feel that overall form fumbles function in this BB 10 TK2 concept. Which is why it is a concept, right? I do like the inset sleep/power button though. And kudos to the graphic artist, Guy Bridges, who went through the pains of putting this concept together for us BlackBerry 10 thirsty addicts till the next juicy piece of material comes around for us to sink our opinions into. Stay tuned for my next rant...

    Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think about the BlackBerry 10 TK2 concept device in the comments!

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