• Omar Vizquel Got His 9900 !!

    A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in an article that I had noticed that Omar Vizquel was a Team BlackBerry member. I had tweeted him, asking what phone model he used. His reply surprised me when he said, "9700. Update me."

    Well, the culmination of combined efforts came to fruition late last week and by the photo above, you see that indeed, Omar did get updated to a brand new 9900. Omar texted me the picture yesterday and I couldn't be happier for him to have received it.

    I am very thankful to the Toronto Blue Jays, Research In Motion (naturally..) and especially Omar Vizquel for helping this all get rolling and not passing me off as some kind of fraud or whacko stalker.

    Enjoy the new BlackBerry 9900 Omar!!

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