• Official BlackBerry 2012 Roadmap Slide Leaked

    With the new year comes expectations for every company on what they will be delivering to their customers in the near future. RIM is no exception to this unwritten rule. We know, for instance, that the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 will be releasing in a couple of weeks, that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be dropping in late summer/early fall, and that we'd be seeing a new PlayBook and two new Curves as well.

    Today, BGR has released actual evidence, in the form of official RIM slides, to support their BlackBerry road map article in which we learn a little bit more about what's new and reaffirm what we've already learned is in store for us this year:
    • 7" BlackBerry PlayBook with built-in 3G (April 2012)
    • 10" BlackBerry PlayBook with built-in LTE (late 2012 - early 2013)
    • PlayBook Tablet 2.0 (February 2012)
    • Mobile Fusion (April 2012)
    • Curve 9220 (April 2012)
    • Curve 9320 (May 2012)
    • First BlackBerry 10 (codenamed London in late September/early October)
    • New WiFi Media Server Feature
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