• Obama And Cameron Snap A BlackBerry Selfie

    It may well be that they've had a wager to see how many faces will work in a time-shift photo, but you can't help but wonder what's going on in the heads of our national leaders in this photograph.

    Barack Obama and David Cameron were snapped getting cozy with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt for what is quite possibly the most ill-advised moment to be acting like a teenager - during Nelson Mandela's funeral service.

    Since the snap was taken at the FNB Stadium in South Africa the photo of the trio has gone viral leaving the internet community wondering why Michelle Obama looks so cross. Maybe she's tired of the antics of the other three - or simply annoyed by the fact that Barack has started using the work "amazeballs" despite her protests.

    Whichever way you look at it - that's clearly a Z10 being used to take the jolly trio's photograph.

    Know of any other places more inappropriate to take a selfie? Let us know in the comments!

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