• Now Share Your Social Network Links On BlackBerryOS!

    We at BBOS are always trying to think of new ways to make your time while reminiscing on the site forums that much better. We understand that it's all about the community and helping each other out. We want to be able to make that easier for you, and at the same time, reward you. For example, we recently just implemented a giveaway of prizes for those reaching site posting milestones!

    As we all know, in this day and age our social networks is what connects us. Which is why we have just implemented a new feature in the BlackBerryOS forums where you can now input your social network links for others to see! That means every time you make a post, your social network icons will show in that post. Your social network links will also show in your site profile. Check out the image above to see what I'm taking about.

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