• Nextel Mexico Teases About Upcoming Unannounced BlackBerry 9620 On Its Site

    While we wait for BlackBerry 10 to be announced on January 30th, RIM is keeping the wheels turning by pumping out more devices with the current BlackBerry OS. Another BlackBerry, that looks a lot like a Curve, is on the way to Nextel Mexico in December. The new BlackBerry 9620, picture above with the familiar Curve-style keyboard, was posted on Nextel Mexico's official site with the words "Pre-order yours" and "December 2012" below it.

    No other information in terms of specs, date, or pricing is revealed, but it's safe to assume it'll run OS 7.1 and be of the "entry-level" type in terms of hardware. A PTT-like button is visible where some current Curve models have a dedicated BBM button instead. We do wonder whether this convenience key will be specific or changeable.

    It's definitely weird to not see the brand name Curve, or any brand for that matter, attached to this device on the promo, specially since it looks like a Curve so much. If it does turn out to be included in the Curve lineup, the prefix 96xx will have been used for 4 different family models (Tour 9630, Bold 9650, and Style 9670).

    Thanks Edu!

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