- Next Rumored BlackBerry Devices: The Z50, And The Q30
  • Next Rumored BlackBerry Devices: The Z50, And The Q30

    Regardless of how BlackBerry's business side may be, one thing always gets us fans excited, and that's the rumor of a new device being in the works. We know now that new BlackBerry CEO John Chen intends on keeping new devices coming, so it's expected we'd be hearing some rumblings around the Internet about them right now.

    According to the latest rumors, BlackBerry is working on two awesome devices, a full touch, and a QWERTY keyboard device. The first sounds like an absolute beast. It's being dubbed the Z50 right now, and it should push hardware benchmarks for any other touchscreen BlackBerry device out the window. A report published by PhoneArena, says the Z50 is rumored to be sporting a 5.2" display (a little bigger than the Z30), while rocking a quad-core processor internally.

    The QWERTY variant, the Q30, is also going to be a monster. Certain rumored specs have the Q30 sporting a portrait-style 4" display at 1280x768 resolution (you read the correctly), along with 3GB of RAM, 16MP camera, and a non-removable 3,300 mAh battery. Unless BlackBerry can make a QWERTY keyboard device look good with a long display, the Q30 is definitely sounding like it'll be a slider device, instead of having the familiar Q10 style.

    As always, all these rumors should be taken with a giant grain of salt until we see actual, substantial proof that these devices exist. Hopefully one of these prototypes gets pictured in the wild soon. You never know.

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