• New York Times Ends Support For BlackBerry, Users Wonder Who Had That App Anyways

    Today, the New York Times announced that it would no longer support the BlackBerry platform along with webOS as well. In a press statement, the New York Times explains:

    "As of July 23, 2012, The New York Times stopped supporting the NYTimes app for BlackBerry, the DealBook BlackBerry Reader or the NYTimes app for Palm Pre.

    You can continue to enjoy NYTimes.com content on your device through our mobile Web site: mobile.nytimes.com."

    This news, which spread two days after the fact, prompted many BlackBerry users to ask which app they were referring to. It's pretty clear that it may not have been the most downloaded app, as many of us simply click on links to read articles on these types of news sites.

    If you feel like you need to have an icon for your New York Times news though, you can add the site shortcut to your homescreen by going to mobile.nytimes.com on your browser, opening the menu and clicking "Add to Home Screen" like shown in the picture above.

    Hopefully once BlackBerry 10 comes out, the New York Times, like other developers, would be smart to reconsider their stand on the BlackBerry platform. You wouldn't want to miss the wave that will be BB10.

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