• New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Prefers BlackBerry's PIN Messaging For His Staff

    Security among high ranking government officials has always been a priority. From their own personal safety to how they communicate, it is extremely important to know that every security measure possible is being taken.

    It's no surprise then that New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo chooses BlackBerry's PIN to PIN and BBM services as the primary way to communicate among his staff.

    According to the New York Daily News, "while much of the back-and-forth communication between the governor and his aides is private, it could be subject to subpoena by ethics investigators, prosecutors and possibly members of the Legislature in the event of a probe."

    This is where a problem presents itself for those interested in keeping track of these messages. Over a regular network, a message can always be recovered, even when it's deleted. As we know, this is not the case for PIN messages, which are untraceable and unrecoverable once they are deleted.

    This has made the governor come under a bit of scrutiny after promising a "transparent" government during his time.

    Security vs transparency, it seems, will always be the greatest debate for government officials. Which side of the coin are you on? Let us know in the comments!

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