• New Facebook Messenger aims to dethrone BBM

    When you're on top, everyone wants a piece of the pie. In the instant messaging world, BlackBerry Messenger has reigned supreme for many years. We've seen IM apps come and go. The latest messenger to take a shot at BBM's dominance is a new Facebook Messenger that was released for Android and iOS devices. Facebook, who is known worldwide for social networking, already has apps for all the major smartphone platforms, which also include a chat aspect to it. The fact that Facebook is releasing a stand alone app for chat exclusively to every major platform except BlackBerry is definitely a slap in the face. Facebook is not a mobile platform so it should really stop competing with manufacturers that have been, in essence, making it easier for their users to access Facebook's network.
    • Do you think this new stand alone app will have any chance of steering users away from BBM?
    • Thanks to ice2921 for reporting this and check out the original discussion thread here!
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