• New "Day In The Life With The BlackBerry Q10" Video Is Exactly The Type Of Commercial We Want

    BlackBerry's marketing efforts in the U.S. have left a lot to be desired, especially in the TV front. They may be making new strides in an effort to change that by partnering up with a company called InsideHook. InsideHook.com basically recommends products to its email subscribers, and readers on a daily basis.

    According to IH, they are big BlackBerry Q10 fans, as they actually use the device in their daily lives at work. Now, instead of writing an article about the Q10, InsideHook has taken the awesome of approach of making a bad ass commercial-like video and posting it on their site. The video is on VIMEO, not YouTube, so to check it out, hit the link below.

    We were definitely loving it, so we're hoping more ads like this one can be done in the future. The one question that does remain is whether or not this specific video will be able to be shown off on TV or not.

    Let us know what you think in the comments!

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