• A New BBM Build Has Been Added To The BlackBerry Beta Zone

    It was just a little while ago, we told you about a new BBM version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Today, another build has been pushed to the Beta Zone and if you're one of the ones chosen to get the new build for testing, you'll notice some new features have been added. It all makes for a new and interesting 10.7 version of BBM.

    The new features include:

    Share Pictures in BBM Group Chats – we know this is one you have been waiting for! In the middle of a Group Chat and have the perfect picture to share in the moment? Now, you can share pictures directly in your Group Chat!

    · “Delivered” and “Read” Notifications for File Transfers – enjoying the new ‘D’ and ‘R’ notifications for Picture Messages? Now, we bring the same experience to File Transfers! Send files to friends and family and receive confirmation when they have been read in BBM Chats.

    There are also improvements to the picture message bubbles as well.

    Known issues with this beta:

    • Sending Group Conversation Photo results in two notification BINGS on recipients
    • Overlay can cover senders picture in a multi person chat

    These Beta versions consist of v10.7.3.6,, . Whichever version you have is dependent on what device you use.

    Let us know if you have the beta and what you think of it in the comments below.

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